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Identifying sophisticated fraud grows increasingly difficult, especially with limited resources and budgets. You're not alone. In this video, we discuss how fraudsters bypass typical fraud checks, and how you can counter their tactics.

But detecting clean fraud isn't just a matter of using the right technologies; it requires deep expertise and experience as well. CyberSource is a global leader in fraud management, proven and deployed on six continents.

  • Detect fraud sooner and more accurately
  • Capture more revenue from valid customers
  • Streamline your fraud management operations
  • Scale quickly as your business grows

No matter the level of expertise or resources you require, we have flexible solutions to support you – all built upon the foundation of CyberSource Decision Manager, a hosted fraud management platform featuring the world’s largest fraud detection radar. Whether you would like help with fraud strategy, managing your operations, or basic product training, choose CyberSource and get started on your way to detect more fraud and increase profit.

Watch our video now.

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