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China's popular online store improves fraud management capabilities with CyberSource. Read here selects CyberSource to bring secure online payment to consumers and retailers in the Middle East. Read here

Leading Indian eCommerce player partners with CyberSource to enable international card transactions. Read here

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Did You Know?

Peak time for tablet usage:
8 PM – 12 AM*

Percent of web traffic from mobile devices: 13%*

mCommerce as a percent of eCommerce: >10%*

As mobile continues to grow, your mobile payment strategies should adapt to be part of an overall payment management strategy.

For more information, download the CyberSource Mobile Payment Management Trends infographic.

*Comscore, "2013 Mobile Future in Focus"


Welcome to the Summer Edition of
Payment Management Outlook.
In This Edition:

Engaging with Customer 3.0

The proliferation of mobile devices is transforming the way customers interact with you. Customers expect a seamless experience with your brand, yet challenges abound for businesses to execute successfully. How does a truly connected, "engage anytime, anywhere" consumer impact the way you manage payments across sales channels? Neil Caldwell, head of European Sales at CyberSource, outlines some key considerations for creating seamless customer experiences in the article, "Ecommerce: the arrival of customer 3.0". Read the full article.


Fraud Management

Tackling Mobile Fraud

Internet Retailer_PDF-140x100Mobile is an emerging but fast growing payment channel for many merchants. Over 40% of merchants adopted a mobile presence in 2012, according to the latest CyberSource Annual Online Fraud Report. Awareness of mobile fraud also increased, with over three times as many merchants tracking mobile fraud versus a year ago. With better tracking of mobile metrics, merchants also reported fraud rates that were 50% higher than their web channel.

What can merchants do to manage mobile fraud? Internet Retailer recently featured an article on how golf retailer, Edwin Watts Golf Shops, LLC, uses CyberSource Decision Manager to manage their mobile fraud. Edwin Watts Golf, customer of CyberSource partner UnitedU, uses Decision Manager's device fingerprint technology to identify mobile transactions and build specific rules to mitigate risks associated with mobile payments. According to the article, monitoring fraud across all sales channels is important.

Read the Internet Retailer article: "Securing m-commerce" 


Payment Security

More language and payment options
for Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile


Payment Security - SA Pie Diagram 100x100Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile, launched last year, now supports 22 different languages, enabling you to provide a localized checkout experience in all major eCommerce markets worldwide.  In addition, you can now process electronic checks as well as credit/debit cards already supported by Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile.

To make these changes, and other checkout page modifications such as adding new payment types, or changing payer authentication preferences, simply log into the Enterprise Business Center and configure your settings. No code changes are required!

Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile reduces your PCI DSS scope by enabling you to accept payments online without cardholder data being stored, processed, or transmitted in your environment.

If you prefer to maintain full control over the checkout pages, you can always opt for Secure Acceptance Silent Order Post, which offers a fully customized experience while still reducing PCI DSS scope.

For more information on Secure Acceptance, including a list of all the languages supported, contact your CyberSource representative.