Securing payment data in the call center can be complex. The PCI Council requires appropriate measures to protect call recording management and storage, and control of the agent/caller interface within the physical call-center space. There are several approaches and applications to help companies be compliant and CyberSource -- Bluefin Payment Systems now offer a PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solution to help you achieve your goals in this area while also reducing the complexity associated with this process.
In this webinar we outline the benefits of PCI validate point-to-point encryption and detail what you can do right now to facilitate safer card transactions in your call centers. We cover:
  • Security vulnerabilities of your Call Center environment 
  • P2PE encryption and its application in call centers
  • The difference between PCI-validated P2PE and non-PCI validated P2PE 
  • An overview of the CyberSource Call Center Solution with Bluefin P2PE.